About us

LA Femme International Film Festival is a premier festival that focuses on platforming women filmmakers “by women, for everyone”. Our Festival was created in 2005, when it became apparent that there was a need to enhance women behind the camera as Directors, Producers, and Writers.

As LA Femme moves into the next few years, it plans to expand its platform so that more women in the industry and from around the world can have the benefit of taking their film to the next level through increased distribution outlets, more key positions in the entertainment industry and more recognition as artistic creators emerging as leaders in the industry.

Our goal is to remain a step ahead through exemplary programming, networking, and panel events. A classic professional atmosphere will create a sense of ‘opportunity’ for participants. LA Femme International Film Festival is “By Women for Everyone.”

To continually create a festival that showcases and celebrates commercially viable films Written, Directed, or Produced by women.

To opening a pathway for women entering the industry by encouraging mentorship and artistic sharing between those women established in the field and those just beginning.

The main objectives of the festival are:

  • To Platform new emerging talent and support established women in cross-over roles.
  • To Distribute the feature films that are plat formed in our festival with domestic theatrical releases and home video distribution.
  • To create funds for finishing features for women.
  • To create funds for feature film production for women.


La Femme International Film Festival will support and nurture the artistic entertainment productions of women for the benefit of distribution to an international and domestic audience.

»Our emphasis will be on providing a complete specialized festival based on showcasing and celebrating commercially successful films written, directed, or produced by women and creating a system of access for those new to the industry directly to established women industry professionals.
»To distribute those films
»To mentor other women into positions of power in the independent and big budget, studio entertainment community.

LA Femme Film Festival is more than a festival it is an emergence of artistic, professional women who can make a difference in the entertainment community by creating productions that speak to a world wide audience. We will be the only festival of its kind to not only platform existing films and artists but will also distribute and mentor such films and artists.

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