May 24, 2015

2014 Documentary Features and Shorts


LA Femme International Film Festival 2014 Documentary Features and Shorts A DIFFERNT KIND OF FARM  OCT 16, 4-6 PM VENUE 2 DIRECTOR, PRODUCER CAROLINE HARDING RT: 64MIN CAST: Carol Cozzi-Schmarr, Craig Schmarr SYNOPSIS: In 1998, aquaculturists Carol and Craig Schmarr decided to save the seahorse. Seahorses were disappearing from the world’s oceans at an alarming […]

2013 Documentary Features and Shorts

Baking Alaska - Still

 LA Femme International Film Festival DOCUMENTARIES            AN UNEXPECTED WIN: TITLE IX AND THE PINCKNEY PIRATES OCT 18, 12-2 PM VENUE 2 DIRECTOR/PRODUCER LAURIE SCHENDEN RT:  64 MIN SYNOPSIS: The film examines the impact of the anti-discrimination legislation in 1972, Title IX, via Pinckney, MI where there were no varsity sports for women beforehand. […]

Feature Documentaries and Short Documentaries 2012

DOCUMENTARIES: ARISE OCT 13, 3-5:30 PM VENUE 2: DAVIDSON/VALENTINI DIRECTOR-LORI JOYCE, CANDICE ORLANDO PRODUCER-LORI JOYCE RT: 78 MIN CAST: Daryl Hannah (narration) SYNOPSIS: Arise captures the portraits and stories of extraordinary women around the world who are coming together to heal the injustices against the earth. BEAUTY BENEATH THE DIRT OCT 13, 12-2PM VENUE 2: […]

Feature Documentaires and Short Documentaries 2011


These are the Documentaries that are in screening at the LA Femme International Film Festival 2011. A JOURNEY IN MY MOTHER’S FOOTSTEPS OCT 14, 10-12 NOON VENUE 2: DAVIDSON/VALENTINI DIRECTOR/PRODUCER DINA ROSENMEIER RT: 77 MIN CAST: Dina Rosenmeier, Jessie Rosenmeier (Voice) SYNOPSIS: For every person who dedicates their life to a cause, their family makes […]

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