2014 Shorts/Music Videos/Webisodes

The Way You Love

LA Femme International Film Festival 2014 Shorts- Music Videos-Webisodes SHORTS: #SELFIE OCT 18, 10 AM-12 PM VENUE 1 DIRECTOR, DIRECTOR, WRITER KATIE CHONACAS, ANDREW OLECK RT: 17MIN CAST: Jenn Shabtai, Katie Chonacas, Nick Ralph SYNOPSIS: Two girls from Beverly Hills go on a road trip to Coachella for the weekend to get away from their lives, […]

2013 Shorts / Commercials/ Music Videos

LA Femme International Film Festival SHORTS/ COMMERCIALS/ MUSIC VIDEOS 2013 A COOL DARK PLACE OCT 17, 10-12 NOON VENUE 2 DIRECTOR TIFFANY FRANCES PRODUCERS GIUSEPPE ARDIZZONE, JAMES HOWELL, STEPHANIE DOMINI RT: 15 MIN CAST: Martin Harvey, Stephanie Domini SYNOPSIS: With the success of Walter’s club, Metropolis, his ego and appetite for power is growing to the mob’s chagrin. […]

Shorts/Commercials/Music Videos 2012

This is the line up for the Shorts, Commercials, Music Videos for the 2012 Season. SHORTS ASSIGNMENT 13 OCT 13, 10-12 NOON VENUE 1: RENBERG DIRECTOR-SCOTT STOLZ PRODUCER-SCOTT , KERRI STOTLZ RT: 6 MIN CAST: David Hamberg SYNOPSIS:  A superstitious assassin finds himself caught up in the numbers and realizes his choices were defined before […]

Shorts, Music Videos, and Commercials 2011


Here is the Line up for the Shorts Films, Music Videos and Commercials for the LA Femme International Film Festival. AERIAL GIRL, THE OCT 16, 12-2 PM VENUE 1: RENBERG DIRECTOR ANNA SIMONE SCOTT EXECUTIVE PRODUCER TERRI SISSMAN PRODUCER PETER SANDS RT: 10 MIN CAST: Sarah De La Isla, Joel Stoffer, Tara Samuel SYNOPSIS: Urban […]