Film Screenings

We appreciate all the wonderful films are sent in every year.

Our judges always select a diverse group of films across the globe to screen and we hope we have a wonderful selection for you to come and see.

Each film is previewed by at least five of our industry professionals in filmmaking, writing, directing, distribution, creative executives, festival director and representatives. They go through a 10 point system of grading on production, concept, delivery, story telling, film style, acting and direction. We pride ourselves that all our judges are industry executives actively creating all forms of media in television and film.

Once the film has gone through the basic round of screening it then goes to the judging committee for the final decision and then programmed.

This is one way we preserve the process and make sure that all the films are viewed fairly.

A┬álink below for the full “Screening Line Up” for 2015 will be posted around September 15,2015

So stay tuned!

2015 Overview Schedule


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